Logos Baptist Church

4/19/15 更新Announcements

  1. 本週禱告會-鼓勵大家回來一同為教會的宣教事工及不同的宣教
    機構及宣教士禱告。 This Wednesday, we will pray for church mission, missionaries and mission organization.  Come join us at 7:30pm – Room C1
  2. 教會野餐將於下主日4/26舉行,時間為中午十二時(主日學後),地點 Grant Park, 1575 Holt Ave. Los Altos. 請預留時間. We will have our annual church picnic this Sunday at 12:30pm (after Sunday School). Location: Grant Park, 1575 Holt Ave, Los Altos.