Logos Baptist Church


LBC Announcement for COVID-19 Preventive Measures
March 31, 2020


親愛的樂道基督浸信會會友,這是我們的第四份通告。 我們將定期更新內容。 以前的通告刊登在教會的網頁上。

Dear Logos Baptist Church family: This is our fourth announcement. We will send these updates regularly. Previous ones are posted on our web site.

  1. 主日崇拜Sunday Worship 登入請使用



To enter Sunday Worship Live-Stream please click


We will continue to hold online worship; date to resume worship at church is TBD.

  1. 網上靈修 Listen to Online Devotion

新的網上靈修信息已發布。現今網頁上共有五個帖文。 最新的發布日期為3/31。

New audio devotions have been posted. There are five on our web page. The last one is dated 3/31.

  1. 中文主日學 (主日11:15) 和禱告會 (週三晚 7:30) 登入請使用


Sunday school/Prayer meeting

Chinese Sunday school class on Romans (Sunday 11:15), and Prayer Meetings (Wed. night 7:30) Please use https://zoom.us/j/8238804585  to enter.

  1. 本主日(4/5) 聖餐禮

我們將在這個星期日舉行聖餐禮儀。 所有已經受浸基督徒請事先準備好聖餐用的餅和杯。聖餐餅可使用購買的麵包、墨西哥tortilla或烘烤您自己的無酵餅。 食譜可在線上搜查。聖餐杯可使用葡萄汁、葡萄酒或茶。

聖餐的主要目的是記念基督的受苦受死和期待祂的再來。餅和杯的意義是像徵性的而不是實質性的。 因此請放心,這樣做沒有違反聖經原則。

Communion Sacrament this Sunday 4/5

We will have Communion Sacrament this Sunday. For all believers who are baptized disciples of Jesus Christ, please prepare the elements beforehand. For the communion bread, you can use purchased bread, tortilla or bake your own unleavened bread. Recipes are available online. For the cup, you can use grape juice, wine, or tea.

The main purpose of the Communion Sacrament is to remember Christ’s suffer and to anticipate His return. The bread and cup’s significance are symbolic and not substantial. Therefore please feel at ease that we are not violating biblical principles.


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