Logos Baptist Church

COVID-19疫情預防安排通告 March 27, 2020

親愛的樂道基督浸信會會友,這是我們的第三份通告。 我們將定期更新內容。 以前的通告刊登在教會的網頁上。

Dear Logos Baptist Church family: This is our third announcement. We will send these updates regularly. Previous ones are accessible on our web site.

  1. 日崇拜Sunday Worship

很高興有56個單位登入上主日的崇拜直播。 敬拜小組仍在繼續努力改善素質。 請在本星期日同一時間使用會議ID 993-872-6746以相同的方式登入。

New Live-Stream Worship Platform – We are very glad that 56 units signed in to last Sunday’s worship live stream. The worship team is continuing to work hard to make improvements.  Please log in the same way, same time this Sunday, using meeting ID 993-872-6746.

  1. 網上靈Listen to Online Devotion

新的網上靈修信息已發布。現今網頁上共有四個帖文。 最新的發布日期為3/26。

New audio devotions have been posted. There are new four on our web page. The last one posted is dated 3/26.

  1. 中文主日學課程恢復Chinese Sunday school class resumes

Sam Wong, Kan Wong 和Sina Wu教授的羅馬書課程將於本週日上午11:15恢復。請使用

https://zoom.us/j/8238804585    作為連接。

Sunday school class on Romans taught by Sam Wong, Kan Wong, and Sina Wu is resuming this Sunday at 11:15 am. Please use https://zoom.us/j/8238804585   to enter.

  1. 在星期三晚上參加我們的禱告會。 Join our prayer meeting on Wednesday nights.

我知道您熱愛教會,也經常為教會祈禱。 但是祈禱是一場屬靈的戰爭, 一起祈禱是得勝之道。由於某些人在晚上開車去教會總是不很方便,因此病疫情況為在線祈禱提供了新的機會。

I know you love the church and pray for the church and our people regularly. But prayer is a spiritual battle. Praying together is the way to victory.   But since driving to church at night is not always convenient for some, this virus situation opens up new opportunities for praying together – online.


https://zoom.us/j/8238804585    作為連接。

The same way you join worship online, you can join Wednesday night prayer meetings in the comfort of your own home 7:30 pm, using  https://zoom.us/j/8238804585  as a link.

您將更加了解我們所關注的禱告項目和教會最新消息。 當我們使用“分組功能”時,您可以與自己的小組一起祈禱。您會與教會家庭有更多在屬靈上的聯繫。 我邀請您嘗試。

You will be more informed about the prayer items and latest development of issues we follow. And you can pray with your own small group when we use the “Breakout Room” feature. You will feel more connected to the church family spiritually. I invite you to try it.