Logos Baptist Church


What kind of church do we want to build?

Bill Hybels, senior pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church says: “A vision is a picture of the future that generates excitement and passion.” We believe that a clear and well articulated set of vision statements is indispensable in focusing the energy and direction of the church.

In one sentence, our vision is to build a growing and strong church. We believe that a church must grow both in quantity and quality. A church is a living organism, a body. A distinct characteristic of all life forms is that they grow. A church must also be strong. This means that we pay attention to equipping the believers so that they can “do the work of the ministry together.”

Beyond this broad statement, the following seven vision statements provide several distinct perspectives on how we see the future of Logos Baptist Church:

We dream of a dynamic congregation of over 500 members who are true disciples of Jesus Christ that is comprised of a Cantonese adult, an English adult, and a children congregation meeting in our own building/campus located in the West side of the Santa Clara County.

We dream of a cluster of small groups that grow and multiply regularly, and where group members live out the ministries of Missions, Adoration, Caring, Teaching and Serving.

We dream of a multi-members staff team composed of the senior pastor and other functional pastors built on the model of Ephesians 4:11-12.

We dream of a missions-minded church where we promote and send out 5% our own as missionaries for church planting locally and overseas missions work globally, with particular emphasis on enabling and equipping those who consider Christian ministry as a second career.

We dream of a body of Christ that serves in areas they are gifted in to meet the felt needs of the post-modern community in innovative ways.

We dream of a spirit-filled congregation where >80% of the members engage in a dynamic prayer life and where holy living is emphasized in all small group programs.

We dream of a multiple congregation model where the second generation feels a sense of belonging and the English speaking congregation can independently develop its own ministries that are most effective for themselves.